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First Chia DeFi Wallet
Decentralized, Secure, and Fast

What is nucle.io?

Nucle is the world’s first open source based, fully decentralized Chia blockchain “SPV” type wallet. Developed by Emergent Coin as the first winner of the “Chia Cultivate Grant”, Nucle gives you instant access to your XCH via your Recovery Phrases (mnemonic seed), instead of waiting days to sync to the Chia blockchain to access your funds or storing your crypto on a centralized exchange. Your Recovery Phrases are never at risk because they are stored locally on your device and never on our servers (because it’s decentralized!).

In-sync, ultra fast transactions

Using SPV technology similar to Metamask and Jaxx, Nucle stays in-sync to the node so your wallets don’t have to. This means as soon as you create or import a wallet into Nucle, you’re immediately synced to the blockchain and are able to send transactions immediately while keeping control of your Recovery Phrases.

Open Source and Secure

Nucle is based on our own open source libraries which will be published to the community. Not only will the community verify that storing your Chia is safe on Nucle, but Chia Network themselves have verified the entire code base. On top of that, Nucle hired an AppSec team to do an end-to-end security review to find and remove vulnerabilities. Nucle is committed to being a fast, lightweight wallet worthy of your trust.

First Chia Cultivate Grant Recipient!

The Nucle team flew down to Miami to meet the Chia team during 2021 BTC Con and propose the Nucle wallet. After meeting with J, Hoff, and the Chia team, Nucle was chosen as the first Recipient of the Chia Cultivate Grant program. Nucle aims to build the best Chia DeFi ecosystem in the world and a decentralized, open-source based wallet is the first step in achieving this goal! For more information regarding the Chia Cultivate Grant, click HERE.